Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Chocolate Poem

I wrote this poem several years ago. Enjoy.

Smooth, creamy, delicious chocolate.
Rich, sweet, scrumptious chocolate.
Milky, semi-sweet, and mint chocolate.
Dark, light and white chocolate.
Soft, melting, and syrupy chocolate.
Chunky, chewy and nutty chocolate.
Solid, cream-filled and fruity chocolate.
Truffles, caramels and candy bars chocolate.
Bonbons, pudding and fondue chocolate.
Hot cocoa, ice cream and mousse chocolate.
Swirl cones, milkshakes and malts chocolate.
Fudge, brownies and doughnuts chocolate.
Cookies, cakes, and frosting chocolate.
Kisses, morsels and chips of chocolate.
Delectable, succulent, mouth-watering chocolate.
Perfect, luscious, exquisite chocolate.
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.
Want some?

by Ken R. Young

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