Monday, September 14, 2009

Quotes and Sayings

Chocolate never asks silly questions. Chocolate understands.

The 12-step chocoholics program:
Never be more than 12 steps away from chocolate!
- Terry Moore

Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of the pieces. - Judith Viorst

A chocolate in the mouth is worth two on the plate.

There's nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate. - Linda Grayson

Chocolate is God's apology for broccoli. - Richard Paul Evans
     Note: I would rather substitute "broccoli" with "Brussels sprouts" or "lima beans".

Chocolate causes certain endocrine glands to secrete hormones that affect your feelings and behavior by making you happy. Therefore, it counteracts depression, in turn reducing the stress of depression. Your stress-free life helps you maintain a youthful disposition, both physically and mentally. So, eat lots of chocolate! - Elaine Sherman, Book of Divine Indulgences

Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits. -Baron Justus von Liebig, German chemist (1803-1873)

What use are cartridges in battle? I always carry chocolate instead. - George Bernard Shaw

Never mind about 1066 William the Conqueror, 1087 William the Second. Such things are not going to affect one?s life...but 1932 the Mars Bar and 1936 Maltesers and 1937 the Kit Kat - these dates are milestones in history and should be seared into the memory of every child in the country. - Roald Dahl

The divine drink, which builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink (cocoa) permits a man to walk for a whole day without food. - Montezuma, Aztec Emperor (c. 1480-1520)

Forget love-- I'd rather fall in chocolate!

I never met a chocolate I didn't like. - Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation

This guy found a bottle on the ocean, and he opened it and out popped a genie, and he gave him three wishes. The guy wished for a million dollars, and poof! there was a million dollars. Then he wished for a convertible, and poof! there was a convertible. And then, he wished he could be irresistible to all women... poof! he turned into a box of chocolates.

It's not that chocolates are a substitute for love. Love is a substitute for chocolate. Chocolate is, let's face it, far more reliable than a man. - Miranda Ingram

All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt! - Lucy Van Pelt (in Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz)

Exercise is a dirty word... Every time I hear it, I wash my mouth out with chocolate.

I don't understand why so many "so called" chocolate lovers complain about the calories in chocolate, when all true chocoholics know that it is a vegetable. It comes from the cocoa bean, beans are veggies, 'nuff said.

I could give up chocolate but I'm not a quitter.

Put the chocolate in the bag and nobody gets hurt.

A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine.

Life without chocolate is like a beach without water.

I have this theory that chocolate slows down the aging process.... It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance?

Don't wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty. Chocolate isn't like premarital sex. It will not make you pregnant. And it always feels good. Lora Brody, author of Growing Up on the Chocolate Diet

Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get. - Forrest Gump in "Forrest Gump" (1994)

In the beginning, the Lord created chocolate, and he saw that it was good. Then he separated the light from the dark, and it was better.

Put "eat chocolate" at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least you'll get one thing done.

Chocolate flows in deep dark, sweet waves, a river to ignite my mind and alert my senses.

Chocolate doesn't make the world go around ... but it certainly makes the ride worthwhile!

All of the evil that people have thrust upon chocolate is really more deserved by milk chocolate, which is essentially contaminated. The closer you get to a pure chocolate liquor (the chocolate essence ground from roasted cacao beans) the purer it is, the more satisfying it is, the safer it is, and the healthier it is. - Arnold Ismach, "The Darker Side of Chocolate"

Simply put... everyone has a price, mine is chocolate!

Nothing chocolate.... nothing gained.

Money talks. Chocolate sings.

There are four basic food groups-milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles.

Stress wouldn’t be so hard to take if it were chocolate covered.

Eat a square meal a day - a box of chocolate.

In the cookies of life, friends are the chocolate chips.

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't need an appointment.

There’s more to life than chocolate, but not right now.

And above all... Think Chocolate. - Betty Crocker

Chocolate cake may not fix everything but it's a darn good substitute.

Save the earth it's the only planet with chocolate!

Once you consume chocolate, chocolate will consume you.

There is no chocolate anonymous because no one wants to quit.

If at first you don't succeed, have a chocolate.

If I must die let it be death by chocolate.

For some there's therapy for the rest of us there's chocolate.

Diet tip: Eat a chocolate bar before each meal. It'll take the edge off your appetite, and you'll eat less.

A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands.

Never ever get between a girl and her chocolate!

There are times when chocolate really can fix all your problems.

You are never alone with a bar of chocolate.

Flowers and champagne may set the stage, but it's chocolate that steals the show.

Seven days without chocolate makes one weak!

Eating chocolate makes my clothes shrink.

Milk chocolate is a dairy product.

Chocolate is the Answer. Who cares what the Question is?

Hell hath no fury like a woman who has sworn off fudge and chocolate.

I never met a piece of chocolate I didn’t like.

Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies. – John Tullius

I am not overweight. I am chocolate enriched.

So much chocolate. So little time!

Do Not Disturb. Chocolate Fantasy in Progress.

When life gives you lemons, throw them back and demand chocolate.

Chocolate-coated truth tastes better. - Amy Shawnee

An exhale moment deserves delicious chocolate.

Remember that while money talks, chocolate ice cream sings!

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy chocolate, which is pretty much the same thing!

I've learned to use meditation and relaxation to handle stress.  Just kidding. Chocolate!

Chocolate flows in deep dark sweet waves; a river to ignite my mind and alert my senses. - on a wall at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store.

A Kiss is a terrible name for a piece of chocolate shaped like a water droplet, because kisses are hot and would melt chocolate—even if it is wearing an astronaut suit made out of tinfoil.  - Jarod Kintz

The only certainty in life is smooth chocolate. - inside a Dove Chocolate foil


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  2. i am a chocoholic ..and loved ua blog.

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